Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love at first sight? Maybe.

LOVE. A word that has caused relationships to bloom, hearts to break, and broken hearts to heal once again. A word that creates meaning for life. A word that expresses the understanding between two indeed a controversial issue; is it not?

Crush, attraction, can we tell the difference between words with such passion? We love our family, friends...but that is more so a compassionate form of love than any other. Philosophy, literature and even science try to understand the intricate details and twists that the emotion of "love" creates...but there has never been an absolute answer. Love is often described as temporary madness...and in the eyes of many such as Bergmen, "a kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous".

The first time I saw him was in the locker bay. I told myself repeatedly to look in the opposite direction but I found myself unable to move my was as if he had cast a magickal spell on me. He reminded me of a roman goddess with perfect was unbelievable..his eyes were honey bronze and his smile was dazzling. With high cheek bones and a slightly muscular body, he seemed to be a god-like creature...making everyone around him look unworthy of being in his presence. Our eyes came into contact and I quickly looked away, my cheeks flushing red and my ears burning hot. It felt like my heart skipped a few beats. I had forgotten to breathe...everything felt hazy like a dream. As soon as I passed him, I sucked in a substantial amount of oxygen and checked to make sure I was still alive...I was but my heart seemed to be with someone else.

How would you describe such an incident? A crush? Mere attraction? Or love at first sight? How can one be deeply and truly in love with someone (to the extent of wanting to spend the rest of life with that person) upon first setting eyes on that person? The concept of "love at first sight" itself is very controversial and hypocritical at times. People often misinterpret love as just a physical attraction, but how can you describe that feeling..connection might be a better word..between two individuals that make them want to live for each other and die for each other?
I guess no one ever knows the mysteries and fantasies behind love...