Monday, May 4, 2009


Perfection. A little too far fetched isn't it? Each and every human being in this world wants to be successful and achieve this perception of "perfect" but has only discovered contempt in the quest. The search for perfection never ends with its disillusioned images and creations.

By human instinct and innate behavior, perfection and purity is not possible. Our world is filled with sin and crime yet some refuse to acknowledge such behavior. Change is the only essence of life that is continuous...quite ironic actually. One cannot refuse the adversity of life and only if metamorphism takes place in an individual can he or she survive. In fact, our society's perspective itself is illusory. We paint pictures of pessimism and hatred through certain acts (such as murder and homocide) but it is the drive to obtain "sainthood" that is the true sin. Although murder and acts of violence indeed disturb the peace of a community and are inhumane, the restriction and boundaries of stability stunt growth. The capacity of mankind is immense and limitless. Barriers of stability only augment the capacity.

A perfect world will never exist as long as diversity and unity coincide with the universe. A perfect world will in fact not be perfect at all due to its lack of impurity. Impurity is perceived as obscene but purity is idealistic. The world is pragmatic and only when an individual can reason in such a practical stand point can he or she survive the perils and hardships of this world.